The Theology of Science

I was reading in A.W. Tozer’s The Knowledge of the Holy and came across something that fascinated me.

“What we see in nature is simply the paths God’s power and wisdom take through creation. Properly these are phenomena, not laws, but we call them laws by analogy with the arbitrary laws of society.”

We (meaning people in the West and in general) assume that the laws of nature are the foundation of things. We assume that the law of gravity, the noble gas laws, the laws of thermodynamics, etc. are what form the framework of our natural world. But that is not the case. If Tozer is right, then these laws are only how God works in our world. Like invisible scaffolding, His power holds up His creation. We examine our world by science. It is the method by which we observe and make sense of the natural world in which we live. Science finds the rails of the scaffolds, tests and retests them, and makes those rails Laws because for the world to work like we think it does those things must remain constant. They remain constant because God does not change. His power and wisdom remain a forever always upon which the whole of creation rests.

Sadly, we see science as the enemy of theology, even of God. It should be the scientists who bow most humbly before Almighty God and praise His mighty works. There was a day when that happened but I do wonder if we will ever again have our Newtons and Paschals.

“Grant that God is infinite and self-existent and we see at once that He must be all-powerful as well, and reason kneels to worship before the divine omnipotence.” A.W. Tozer



In light of personal and world events I thought I would talk about something with a little less gravity.

I really like clouds. All kinds. Especially storm clouds. We get fantastic thunderstorms here in Texas and they never cease to amaze and fascinate me. We were driving yesterday to Lubbock, out in West Texas (for the geographically challenged, we were heading west with the sun backlighting everything), and there were huge storms brewing.

Being that I was driving I found it much more difficult to cloud gaze, but with my utterly amazing wife helping I got a couple good looks.

Have you ever watched clouds grow? They do that. They move and contort and billow and boil and the angrier the storm the more awesome they are. I look at thunder caps 50,000 feet tall (they get even taller) and I am simply amazed at how small I am and how huge God is. These storms which seem to come out of nowhere are larger than even our tallest mountain and they suck up all the hot, awful air, give us rain, and leave things a little cooler than before. What a blessing.

They also make hailstones, damaging winds and tornadoes but those to me just reinforce our limitations. We can't stop tornadoes or ask them to go away or sue them for damages. They are outside of our control. Now God is not a mindless whirlwind nor does He destroy life for fun. But He is outside of our control. He doesn't have to get my approval to act. If He did then only those who I think are 'worthy' would receive His grace. And if I'm honest I would not even include myself in that category. But God is not limited to my categories. He is far more than the sum total of every human thought. He is simply amazing. Awesome. Beyond our control, above our manipulation; He is transcendent and I love Him because He is so.

All that because a storm rolled into town.

What amazes you?