Life etc.

So the idea of becoming a dad is growing.

I have read a half-dozen baby magazines and now know about the benefits of breast feeding, how to design a nursery, and the option of banking cord blood (umbilical cord, that is.) I knew nothing about any of these things but now I do and I think that being a dad requires me to learn about a lot of things I have no idea about.

There's all the "gear" like car seats, stroller, baby monitors, a whole genre of diaper stuff, onsies (is there a twosie?), baby slings, baby blankets, baby bottles (and they apparently keep improving on the bottles) and a whole industry around baby skin care products. Wow.

And what if we have a girl? I can't braid hair to save my life. There is so MUCH that I just don't know and it can be, well, exciting and a little overwhelming. I am utterly terrified about bringing a new little wiggly person home and Jenny and I literally do not know what we are doing. And yet I look at other people and they have kids and their lives still go on and their kids make it so I guess we can too.

"Blessed is the man whose quiver is full" says the Psalmist. He gets it. This child is for us an unimaginable blessing. Jenny was telling me yesterday that all her thoughts keep going back to our baby growing in her womb and she was wondering if that was ok. I asked her what else she thought she should be doing and she didn't know. I admit that we are really, really excited but what we are excited about is meeting the child God has created and given to us to care for. What will he do? Who will she witness the gospel to? What people will know and love Jesus because of this child?

I am learning that "I don't know" is a good answer. It's good because it's honest. There are so many things I just don't know. But I'm learning. And I get to learn them with the most amazing woman.

The idea of being a dad is growing...