Kingdom of Heaven

So my beautiful wife and I went to a movie last night. It was the first movie i had paid full price for in over three years due to being a student (which I no longer least officially). $17.00


Things I can buy for $17.00:

- 34 cans of coke from a machine (are they still 50 cents?)
- one gallon of gas
- a really nice steak at the butcher
- a cat from the pound (no connection with the steak)
- enough pairs of socks to sew a sweater
- One doozie of a dinner in Guatemala City

Ok. Now on to the reason for the post. The movie was Kingdom of Heaven. It's about this one fella who becomes a Knight during the crusades and is supposed to protect the people of Jerusalem. I won't tell anymore plot other than to say it was pretty darn good. Here's why:

It makes it clear the the Kingdom of Heaven is not yet on this earth. Why? Because life can be pretty crappy here! People get sick, hurt and have loved ones die. People kill each other. Does anyone remember that's bad? We get a story every week about a little girl being abducted, raped and murdered. A LITTLE GIRL. And sometimes i feel myself getting used to it, well, not used to it, but it blends into the background. I realize that i cannot grieve every atrocity committed on planet earth but i can grieve the ones i know about. Anyway, the star of the film (Orlando Bloom) makes all his decisions based on this one premise:

People are more important.

Money? Power? Property? Religion?

No. People.

People are more important. What a concept. And in the real Kingdom of Heaven, people will value each other as Jesus intended when He made each one of us.

I look forward to that.