Ain't life GRAND

So Jenny (my wife) is pregnant.


I have been told that it doesn't really hit the dad until the child is actually born. I can see some truth to that. But I was hit with an awesome reality: I'm already a dad.

I know that there is no kiddo to feed and take care of....but wait...YES THERE IS. There is a person the size of a butterbean growing inside of my wife and he or she has a heartbeat. I know that because I saw it beating on the sonogram. How cool is that!!!

I was actually out mowing last week and it his me that I am a dad and responsible for feeding and taking care of my wife and through her the baby. Now that is being a husband! I stood there with the mower still running and just raise my face to the sky and thanked my Heavenly Father for this amazing....thing. Life. How awesome. I am really pumped. We don't have a name yet, but we'll get one once we figure out some more stuff.

With the engulfing joy of being a dad comes the weighty responsibility of being a dad. But I am ready to take that on. I'm not saying that I have any idea what that is nor do I have ANY idea what we are getting into, but I am ready to get into it. I hope that makes sense. I am ready to be a parent and the thought of being a parent with THE MOST amazing woman ever is just the coolest thing i can think of. Whew.

Well..enough ramble for now

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Brent said...

When you were mowing, and you raised your face...I was thinking that it was good you decided not to priase Him by raising your hands. Otherwise, the mower would've stopped.

Oh yeah, I'm praising Him too...arrows in the quiver and all that!