Warp Speed Ahead!

Have you ever gone rafting?

I've been on a river in a raft...being towed by a canoe. And that's rafting. Sort of. I didn't wear a life-vest and we really just floated. It was more like tubing but in a raft.

I've also been on a RIVER in a raft. Where I wore a helmet and a vest and you are floating but not just floating. You are moving. You're moving fast and there are like six of you and everyone has a paddle and no one wants out of the raft and in front of you are waves and crash and BOOM and it's awesome. But it's a little scary too because sometimes all you see are the waves and the roar, and when you can see the roar as well as hear it you know you are on a good run.

Life feels like we're on the raft. In the RIVER. We're excited and going faster and faster and there is a lot to be aware of and responsible for and, and...

We love it.

Because man, i tell you what, we have a Good Guide. He knows the waters ahead. He has never lost a raft much less a rafter. And the spray and the roar...they are scary, but His voice is louder. His direction stronger than any spray, straighter than any swirling eddy. He is God and through these rapids He guides our little boat.

And I can glimpse others on this RIVER. They are running, moving, crashing in the spray and I can hear them hollering, I can hear them shouting, I can hear them worship as we are all guided together.

I've been rafting before.
But never like this.
Never this real.

Let's keep going. I've been told the RIVER gets even better further on.

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