God is so cool

By the way, thanks to you all who actually take time to read the ramble. You are awesome.

Ok. So I have the opportunity to give a little sermonette (like a sermon, but made with Splenda) discussing "what is worship" and I would love you to throw your hat in so I can get some of your thoughts.

SO. What is worship?

p.s. The reason I put that title is because Psalm 70:4 says this:

"But may all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; may those who love Your salvation always say, "Let God be exalted!"

"Let God be exalted!"


Thanks for your input


Justin said...

so, you titling of an individual as awesome is purely conditional on whether they read your ramblings? Hmm, sounds a little elitist :) But who am I to complain. I think people should have to work towards awesomeness.

Brandon and Jenny said...

hmm. Well, i'd hate to be elitist!

But what can I say. EVERYONE can't be awesome. But you can be :-)

brian said...

absolutely true. thanks to the 80's and surfers, the word has been diluted down quite a bit. someone/thing being 'awesome' should be really awe-inspiring. the very word itself is a segregating mechanism precluding some people/things.

one can either be so cool as to inspire awe, or you can just be some dude. *(:=