New Things

Well my sprackle-popped ankle is mending. This is good news.

Jenny and I have decided to go with RMI to Guatemala. This is not news to some of you, but it's news none the less.

We are really excited/scared about the whole thing and really look forward to the next year or so. I'm not sure when we would leave; that depends on a number of things like when we can raise support, I still have to graduate, and other such things.

All in all though we have been very surprised by people's reactions to the news. All are very excited and a little sad and I guess we are the same. It's wonderful and yet we will miss a bunch of wonderful people (particularly you in the College ministry). But what example would we be if we knew God was calling us to something and we didn't go just because it made us sad?

Anyway, that's the News.

Of course, college football season is over and there is with that another sadness. But of a different kind.

At least the Red Raiders went out on a high note. :-)

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Brent said...

Hey, man...on that game, I was all "GUNS UP" and I didn't even go to Tech!