Tryptophan Hangover

So I figured I'd wait until after thanksgiving was over to post this.

I think it's a good idea to look back once in awhile and think about what we're thankful for in our past (near or distant - mine getting more distant, but i'm happy about that).

With that:

I'm thankful that:
- I played football twice over the break.
- nothing was broken
- Jenny agreed to marry me (and has stuck around) --> this is wildly understated
- I grew up in a place where i could explore in the woods and fall in the creek and catch crawdads with bacon.
- I have had lots of critters, even though its sad when they die.
- I grew up as a little brother with a great big-brother
- I know how to shoot firearms
- I live in a place were I can eat beef whenever I want

that's enough for now....what about you?

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