Newfangled Programs

I have never been on the cutting edge of anything, much less computers and the internet. But I heard that you can get ad-aware and spy watcher as well as alternative browsers for free. Our home computer is wacked with something and I heard those might clear it up.

Anyway, I am now using Mozilla Firefox. I'm not sure if it is good yet or not but i feel like i have stuck it to Microsoft. Although I am running XP...and Office....hmmm. I guess i really haven't stuck anyone.

Still, i feel like a rebel and that's usually all that counts.


Brent said...

I had a horrible adware adventure that got into my registry keys and so every time I booted up it reentered the adware...and if you tried to uninstall it, it would say that the program was "in use" and you couldn't install it. I'd heard that the only thing to do was reformat the hard drive...ugh.

To make a long story boring, the whole deal worked out when I downloaded, for free, Ad-aware SE. (search for it). I was told to go into "custom search" and click whatever would check for everything.

It did, and there've been NO problems since. I'm a big fan.

Laura said...

I like Maxthon more than Mozilla. My husband likes to keep up with all the latest computer happenings, so I now have an opinion about them.

Heather S. said...

I would definately try the Ad-Ware SE like Brent said. I installed it a few weeks ago as well and my computer has been virtually pop-up free.

Zach said...

There's also a program called spysweeper that does a more in depth search than ad-aware (unless they've changed it). It goes through and scan every single file on your harddrive. Takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to run, but it's thorough.

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