Hello Friday

Ahhh Friday.

I think i am starting to figure out things with the blogs. This is handy.

A total of maybe 5 people are reading this. Yeah five! Lots of cool things are in fives:

- fingers
- toes
- high (fives)
- five-finger-discounts (cool, but not good)
- discounted fingers (good, but not cool)
- minutes between the numbers on a clock
- number of Puppet Master movies (probably 4 too many)

What other cool things come in fives?


Justin said...

I dunno about any more 5 things, but you have at least 6 readers. The best thing I can think of with six is the six fingered man from Princess Bride. Maybe you need a new list.

Zach said...

(stretch) Hawaiian 0's (/stretch)

Zach said...

Can't believe that Lindsay had to point this one out to me:

5 golden rings.

Nathan said...

The Jacksons

Zach said...

Hey Brandon, you know if you disallow anonymous comments then people can only post if they have a blog.

My mom wanted me to post this one for her:

"5 little monkeys" (jumping on the bed)
"5 little ducks that I once knew"

Nathan said...

The previous five comments

Brandon and Jenny said...

Ha. You've been waiting to post that, nathan.

I'll switch that anonymous bit.