I love that feeling when you have finished another semester and you don't have to go to school for a few weeks. I only have 9 more hours. Whew.

It's a little like Christmas morning, except there are no presents and my brain hurts.
So maybe it's more like my birthday or maybe someone else's birthday which would make it prettymuch just another day.


On another note. I sprained my ankle a few days ago. Sprained ankes are really annoying. Nothing is broken so you get no cast, there is no blood involved (except in bruising) and "sprain" sounds like "strain" which isn't really an injury at all. I vote we come up with another word.

Here are a few suggestions:

Tortionated ankle
Popped-n-twisted ankle
Badgered ankle
Sprackle-popped ankle

I sprackle-popped my ankle.


Newfangled Programs

Newfangled Programs

I have never been on the cutting edge of anything, much less computers and the internet. But I heard that you can get ad-aware and spy watcher as well as alternative browsers for free. Our home computer is wacked with something and I heard those might clear it up.

Anyway, I am now using Mozilla Firefox. I'm not sure if it is good yet or not but i feel like i have stuck it to Microsoft. Although I am running XP...and Office....hmmm. I guess i really haven't stuck anyone.

Still, i feel like a rebel and that's usually all that counts.


Tryptophan Hangover

So I figured I'd wait until after thanksgiving was over to post this.

I think it's a good idea to look back once in awhile and think about what we're thankful for in our past (near or distant - mine getting more distant, but i'm happy about that).

With that:

I'm thankful that:
- I played football twice over the break.
- nothing was broken
- Jenny agreed to marry me (and has stuck around) --> this is wildly understated
- I grew up in a place where i could explore in the woods and fall in the creek and catch crawdads with bacon.
- I have had lots of critters, even though its sad when they die.
- I grew up as a little brother with a great big-brother
- I know how to shoot firearms
- I live in a place were I can eat beef whenever I want

that's enough for now....what about you?


The will of God

Ok. So this may be a little less lighthearted than previous posts, but it's not intended to be too be deep, just asking a question.

Jenny and I were on a retreat a couple of weekends ago and were talking with one of the elders in our church. We're in a great/fun/terrifying time of life as I approach graduation and we're looking at going to Guatemala. But this is not what we're talking about (i think we were actually talking about travelling), but he (the elder) said something off hand that we thought was great.

He said, "Knowing God's will is never about seeking it. You don't find it. You surrender to it, and then and only then are you in it."

Given all the talk in Christendom about "knowing/seeking God's will", I found that to be a really amazing statement which totally countered what most teach about the subject. I also think it' s right.

Jesus never sought the Father's will. He was constantly submitted to it. Fully surrendered.

That is utterly freeing to me.



Hello Friday

Ahhh Friday.

I think i am starting to figure out things with the blogs. This is handy.

A total of maybe 5 people are reading this. Yeah five! Lots of cool things are in fives:

- fingers
- toes
- high (fives)
- five-finger-discounts (cool, but not good)
- discounted fingers (good, but not cool)
- minutes between the numbers on a clock
- number of Puppet Master movies (probably 4 too many)

What other cool things come in fives?


First of the Blogs

I tried posting once.
It failed.

This is a test of the not so emergency blog-cast system.